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Focus on the Silver Lining

Welcome to my website! Hi, I'm Vicki Tamara McClifty and I'm a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Artist, Writer, Mother and am currently a student of Fashion Design. I totally believe that no matter what age you are, it's never too late to learn something new! After all, life is supposed to be fun!

So why would you come to see me at my Warrahwood Studio in Mitchelton, Brisbane, Australia? If you would like to take a wholesome and positive approach to living; maybe learn how to incorporate simple, fun therapeutic art techniques to help you look at your emotions, honour them, recognise them and let them go? How about start to really enjoy the simple things in life just through a little art play? You will be surprised how easily you can change those limiting beliefs which have been holding you back from achieving your goals! I know, as believe me, I have changed my life dramatically since enjoying these fun activities!

Yes, you can reframe the old ways of thinking! 

Yes, you will find hope and inspiration too and be empowered to move forward and transform your life. 

When you think of your life as a piece of art you can see and experience a different reality. 

You will begin to see the silver lining and in doing so, shift your perspective and find a purpose for all your life experiences. 

All these fun, simple, therapeutic art processes equate to helping you live the life that you want to create. You truly can fashion your life through art play, through relaxation and creativity! 

You will find purpose and soul connection. 

So no matter what events have taken place, you will return to alignment through honouring your heart-space and having a little fun at the same time!

You can join me and participate in my art therapy sessions within my beautiful, peaceful Warrahwood Studio in Mitchelton, Brisbane. Here you can relax and be inspired, find clarity, create goals and visualise a future which will enhance your overall mental health and wellbeing. Session numbers are limited so be sure to email me for more detailed information. Let's work together to start positive change in your life!

Are you ready to: 

Experience positive change?

Start a new chapter?

Yes? Then let's connect via email at

From organisational workplaces to the stay-at-home mum, you too can turn your life around.

For those of you who may have suffered grief, I have developed a short web video process or a simple on-line "course" which is available now as my gift to you, purely for taking the time to check out my website! So thank you! "My Favourite Things" is purely a few simple, informal processes which helped me travel at my own pace through my grief journey. These processes I still implement today. 

When I lost my son in 2012, I felt very alone with my grief and as such developed a web series in 2017: AM Healing My Soul TV. This is also available for you on YouTube and for anyone you know who may need support. My intention for this program is to nurture, guide, motivate and inspire recovery from various types of grief. For me, it was the loss of my 23 year old son in 2012. For you, it could be loss of a parent, relationship, spouse, baby, miscarriage, job, chronic illness, a way of life or for many other reasons. My show discusses the meaning of grief and what to expect with grief. I share insights with my interviewees to help you and many others overcome adversity, to bring hope and inspiration.  AM Healing My Soul TV also showcases the modalities which can help with grief recovery.

For your information, I had published articles with the international women's magazine: Sibella Publications: Luminous Wisdom Sophia during 2017/2018. I also collaborated as a co-author for The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women published 2017 (retailing at A$20 plus postage). If you would like a copy of this book, please let me know and send me an email at 

Experience Soul Connection

Inside Warrahwood Studio with Vicki Tamara

You are unique. You are a vibrational being and have the natural ability to create your own reality. You are your soul living in a human body. Just by how you feel, you can change the outcome of your day. Join me to take the first steps to intentionally set forth upon your own happiness trail. By accepting responsibility for how you feel in every given moment it allows you to be connected with You, your heart and soul, and focus on what you love and what makes you feel happy, regardless of what challenges are thrown your way. You have the power to return to happiness. If you have been feeling stuck in general OR in a bad relationship OR have lost a loved one OR tired of your job OR feel alone and not sure what to do next OR have low self esteem, lost self confidence and trust in yourself and in others ... Would you like know how to move forward in your life? No matter what you have experienced, you can find joy again and create happiness every day. Anything is possible. You create your reality by the emotions you feel in any given moment. By introducing fun through simple therapeutic art techniques which you can use each day, you will change your mindset and change your life. Once you understand the process you will look back on your life and understand your Why. This will allow you to focus on a positive future. Feel empowered and ask about Warrahwood Studio workshops with Vicki Tamara Designs. Click on the link below and/or contact me at
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Experience Soul Connection

My Favourite Things Course

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  • Angie Wyatt

    What an awesome experience I have had with Vicki! She taught me so many new techniques that I have been able to use everyday. It can really help change your thinking around. If you are feeling stuck or wanting to change your life around give Vicki a try!

  • Stephanie Harris

    "While discussing a decision I needed to make with Vicki, a decision that was not easy for me and had a lot of emotion attached to it, the whole time I could feel how genuine Vicki is, this along with her compassion and passion to help support people, I felt safe in that I could be vulnerable with her by expressing my thoughts and feelings."

  • Cathy Cheshire

    Vicki is knowledgeable, experienced, and inspiring! She is a champion in this world improving how we understand and talk about grief. I am so thankful for the work she does to help the bereaved with such abundant love.